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TMC is the premium provider of highly qualified professionals that are helping gamers, teams and organizations achieve the performing edge in the esports world.

 We have a group of performance coaches that share a passion for mental training, esports and in helping players reach higher levels of performance, both in and outside of the game. They come from different backgrounds and have worked extensively as mental coaches in ‘traditional’ sports.

We believe that as esports become bigger and more professional, the inclusion of sport sciences and mental training will lead this exciting world to new heights.


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Hussain “xDaku” Moosvi (Misfits Head Coach) talking about TMC

Dylan Falco (Fnatic Head Coach) talking about the role of TMC’s Kate in players’ pregame routines

Misfits’ PowerOfEvil talking about the role of TMC’s Isma in helping him deal with pressure

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Do you want to develop the next godlike gamer? Do you want to help a player who is going through a tough time? Do you want us to accompany you in your journey to the top of the gaming world? Are you interested in a boot camp or workshop for your team? You came to the right place!
Below you can check the services we are currently offering, make sure to stay tuned to find out about the future developments of our services.

Individual Programs

1 on 1 individual meetings for players or coaches interested in working with one of our mental coaches.

Team Programs

Group meetings for teams and organizations interested in working with our mental coaches.


Intensive programs in your location aimed at boosting your preparation for forthcoming events.

Esports Psychology

You may have heard about sport psychology, you may even be working with one or you may have no idea why there are sport psychologists working in esports. By exploring these introductory articles you will find out essential information on what exactly esports psychology is and how it can be implemented in your game.
At TMC we aim to use scientific knowledge that can be applied in the esports scene. Through our knowledge acquired in sport psychology and helping athletes in other sports, we believe that we can help gamers improve their performance and reach their maximal potential.


Although most of our work is with professional gamers, we are on a journey to make esports the great world we all want it to be.

That’s why we have created this content, whether you’re a pro or not, where you can learn and apply the same techniques and skills that we’re currently using with the worlds best gamers.

We are constantly working in new contact to help you buff your mind and improve your game!

The Mental Click Blog

We invite you to indulge yourself into our world of eSport psychology where we will discuss the all important knowledge and skills that you need in order to become the gamer you aspire to be!

Vlog & Podcast

We are in the process of creating multimedia content (Videos and Podcast). Stay tuned to watch and listen our performance coaches talking about their work with the world’s best gamers.

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Online Programs

Interested buffing your mind and learning mental skills that will take your gaming to the next level? Soon you will have access to online training programs based on the same skills we teach to the pros.

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