ESPORTS The intersection between esports and mental training

Mental training in esports

In esports, psychological performance and readiness play a crucial role in competitive success. For instance, when there is a BO1 scenario and you need to bring your A game in order to win. Mental performance is highly individual and it can vary from day to day. It is not always stable and there are many factors to be taken into account. However, each player should aim to gain that stability and be consistent at performing, because that is often a key difference between winning and losing. Whether you are a professional player or someone who strives to become one, being consistent means always performing at your optimal level rather than having ups and downs all the time.

This is where a performance coach jumps in. We can help gamers control the controllable and be consistent at performing. It is a common misconception that a mental coach only works on a gamer’s performance within the gaming context, but our responsibility is much greater. A good performance coach equips players and coaches with tools and skills that help in many different aspects of their lives. At their disposal, mental coaches hold different techniques that players can utilize to enhance performance and improve personal well-being.

Remember, the mental skills which help you reach psychological readiness can and need to be trained as much as your physical skills do. Traits like confidence, anxiety, concentration, and motivation can be optimized and help you to reach your peak performance, to be the best you can be.

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