Why eSports?

TMC’s Performance Coaches have been interested since a young age in video games as most of the people out there. However, people who don’t follow professional gaming undermined the values that playing video has. For that reason, we decided to bring together our knowledge and expertise in mental training for performance to esports at all the levels.

Let us take you on a quick journey through the history of electronic games for you to understand what’s the value of our responsibility in this industry and what’s your role as coach, player, spectator, parents, and everybody who can be linked to this wonderful world.

We’re now living through the most remarkable time in the history of the competitive electronic sports scene, apparently, every year is more remarkable than the previous one. You may have seen that the industry of “esports” is growing rapidly and it’s taking over the privileged position of being coined the fastest growing sport in history, but we need to understand first how we got there.

Origins of video games

Some people would think that competitive video games have risen only a couple of years ago. While It’s true that the big money has only come along since the first “The International” in 2011 in the city of cologne, small competitions in different video games have taken place during the first time the beauty of arcade games were created during the 1970s, such as Pong, or Space Invaders. However, there is the possibility that even from the creation of the first video game ever in 1947 “The CRT amusement device” people start competing, we like comparing our abilities with others, don’t we?

If you were born during the 80’s or 90’s you were lucky having the first experience playing Donkey Kong or Street Fighter against your best friend. Remember when people or yourself were around the machine trying to see the match? That was exciting! Probably you are a bit younger and didn’t have much experience with arcade game machines, but we can assure you that if you like First-Person Shooter (FPS) you were one of those playing Halo, GoldenEye 007 or Counter-strike by the end of the 1990’s. All these games were played by pure enjoyment and the abilities developed came from hours of practice.

Nowadays, becoming a professional gamer is a possible dream for many kids but choosing the pro-path comes with lots of obstacles that can be mind-blowing for many of those young gamers. That’s another reason why TMC wants to support these young gamers that are exposed to the high demands in the adventure to the competitive scene.

The New Era has arrived

Many games have been released since the time we were playing Mario Bros or Doom, games such as Warcraft and Starcraft, these games are named as Real-time Strategy (RTS). South Koreans have gone crazy about RTS games and not only about the huge popularity to play Starcraft but as well as fans, companies, and everything that can be around the gaming scene, so we can say that here is where the real business began earlier than anywhere else. Gamers in South Korea are considered huge celebrities and role models for younger generations, who wouldn’t respect these guys, knowing what they can do when they are in action.  

The gaming industry is growing very quickly and with the creation of the sub-genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) from RTS games, a wider public has been caught. Now, we can see ardent fans of League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm everywhere, who knows how many other games will reach the respected position among esports and even more importantly what type of gamers will take the important role of being the face of the industry for decades to come.  

The current MOBA game that keeps increasing its number of players rapidly is called League of Legends, same as the Chinese superpower’s favourite game Dota 2 created by the north American corporation Valve and designed by Icefrog. The level of competition is constantly increasing from every game, every tournament to every year. This can be seen during the world championships where western gamers have a huge respect for Asian teams.

The development of esports in South Korea has helped to promote world tournaments since 2000, which means that gamers in that part of the world have been in the professional scene way longer than many other places, for this reason, and others, sometimes, there are incredible gaps of performance among teams in world championships in comparison with Asian teams.

The TMC squad would like to work in sync to help to bridge the gap between this small percentage of superb teams, mostly from Asian countries and the rest who would like to reach closer to that level, also helping individual gamers that want to developed balanced skills that can be used in their gaming careers and lives.

Continuing with the new era of electronic sports, there is a current flow of esports’ fanatics that have helped to build the industry with solid bases. Our performance coaches, as fans show our passion for the game and the teams through the energy that we give when we go to matches and tournaments. That feeling of waiting for a tournament to start, it feels like setting the carnival mood when you know there is not the time for anything else but just for joy.

Professional gaming in numbers

If you don’t know much about some of the current tournaments, The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and League of Legends World Championship are international tournaments hosted by Riot Games (video game developer of League of Legends). They’ve had an influential role in the growing scene, as during the finals of the World Championship in 2016, 43 million spectators were watching the competition with a peak concurrent viewership of 14.7 million people. In terms of the largest prize pool in esports, in 2016 during the annual tournament The international, the record of $20,770,640.00 US dollars was given for the game Dota2.

It seems that every year is the best year for esports. Those impressive figures reveal the current state of the esport industry which thanks to online streaming organisations such as Twitch have allowed this fascinating world to be seen by the world and evolve into something that we are not sure yet where is going. Finally, we cannot forget to mention that the impact of this scene has been so influential worldwide that different colleges and tournaments are now offering scholarships for gamers giving them the opportunity to study and continue with their esports careers. It doesn’t stop there, as many professional sports teams are getting involved with the gaming industry such as NBA team owners and professional football teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, FC Schalke 04, and Manchester City all trying to get a foot into the world of esports.