Our Philosohpy

Welcome to The Mental Click! We have a group of performance coaches that share the same passion and vision for the development of esports. Our unique characteristic is that they all come from different backgrounds and cultures. This strength allows us to see and understand situations from different points of view to ensure the best outcome. Furthermore, we believe that sport science and mental training combined will change esports as it becomes a more professional and high-performance world.

At The Mental Click we have created a philosophy that will guide everything we do. This philosophy focuses on you, both as a player and an all-around human being. We believe that there is more to gaming than just simply winning or losing. We want to create an environment that can help you to develop the mental skills necessary to enhance your performance as a gamer and also the life skills to enhance your personal life. We place our core values in this holistic approach and aim to help in developing the best you possible.

With performance coaches with vast experiences from all around the globe, we aim to nurture our cultural knowledge and appreciation into working with athletes from different backgrounds. We pride ourselves in believing that mental skills can be taught and when facilitated effectively through our quality approved and research-backed methods we can lead anyone towards success.

As believers in the person as a whole, both mentally and physically, we firmly hold the athlete at the centre of their own development. We aim to foster an environment of support and excellence and to do so we range our focus across all aspects of your gaming career in order to prepare you effectively through all of the environmental factors influencing your game.

Allow us to accompany you on your journey towards excellence.

Through tilt and beyond,

The Mental Click Team.