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Ph.D. in Sport Psychology


Ph.D. in Sport Psychology

English, Español, Italiano, Svenska

Ph.D. Candidate in Human Cognition and Extreme Environments


Ph.D. Candidate in Human Cognition and Extreme Environments


M.Sc. in Sport Psychology


M.Sc. in Sport Psychology

Deutsch, English, Español

M.Sc. in Sport Psychology


M.Sc. in Sport Psychology

Bosanski, Crnogorski, English, Hrvatski, Srpski

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Masters degree or higher degree in Sport Psychology (or related fields)
Fluency in English (other languages is a plus)
Passion for esports!


  • The general answer to this question is that everyone can benefit from the invaluable knowledge and strategies that sport psychology has to offer your mental game. It may be the case that you are part of a team and your coach asks you to work with us, then we start from that point. You may have questions about the mental aspects of your performance, or you’re noticing some difficulties like concentration issues or feeling that your performance is being affected by nervousness or anxiety, those are also good reasons to reach us. Even if you want to have a casual conversation about what we do and how you or your team can benefit from us!

  • Every person is different, as it’s every session. However, each session will be tailored to the specific needs and progress of the individual. In the beginning, sessions will focus on getting to know your specific needs and wants, alongside with what we can offer to help in response to these through setting goals and planning future sessions and strategies. After that, sessions are focused on teaching you skills and abilities that are an answer to your needs.

  • Yes, we all are fluent in English. However, because of our multicultural perk we can communicate and deliver our services in other languages, such as: Bosnian, Croatian, German, Italian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Spanish and Swedish.

  • No, we only focus on performance related issues and are willing to work with you. If you have any disorder that requires clinical attention, we encourage you to search for professional help in that area.

  • People often wonder how long it will take to work and as we always say, we are not magicians and these skills need practice, commitment and time to acquire and automatize into your routine. Everyone is different and issues can vary in complexity so ultimately there are no set number of sessions, it depends on you.

  • As your mental coaches we respect your privacy and endeavour to ensure absolute confidentiality in our sessions. You can be assured that anything you talk to us about, will remain between us. However, in cases where the coaches may be involved, for example in team workshops, we encourage the coaching team to support, participate, observe and learn from what is being incorporated and presented.

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